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Gastronomic Businesses

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Our Objective

Is that your clients feel so good at your place that they want to stay! Whether it’s a restaurant, coffee shop or any type of establishment. The idea is for them to want to go back, and of course, to recommend your place. This is what we do here in AMS Interior Design.

Whether you’re opening up a new place or remodeling it, we would love to be part of it! We will design it keeping in mind the type of business it is, who it is for, where it is, and how you want your clients to perceive it.

If there’s something everyone enjoys in life, it’s eating! Coming into a place, sitting down with good company, and better yet, a place that is nice to look at. So, we propose you to sit down, meet, and talk about your next special project, one that everyone will want to go back to.



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2273 - 3741

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8729 - 1340


Curridabat, San José, Costa Rica.