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Office Design

Designing a space accordingly for a work space, will not only make us feel better in them, but will also help increase the productivity and performance of the workers, which also results in more profitability.

In AMS Interior Design, we design your offices according to your business’ nature. By taking into account the physical space, the staff, and all of those little things that will guarantee you will love to go to work each day. It is going to turn into a space where you will definitely work well, and work beautifully.

  • Advice on the interior design
  • We work on projects from their gray shell or remodel them
  • Interior architecture
  • Lightning
  • Specific furniture design
  • Cabinetmaking and wood work
  • Selection of general furniture
  • Color and finishing of walls and ceiling
  • Selection of materials and finishings
  • Selection of decorative accessories
  • Quoting of all of the above, as well as of the construction work