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Interior Design for AirBnB

“Air bed and breakfast” That’s what Airbnbstands for, it’s that simple! And it has become one of the most lucrative businesses since its start back in 2008. 

The start of this project is as simple as its name. It was created by two design students who needed extra money to make it to the end of the month. So, they bought two water beds, breakfast, and rented out their own house for the weekend... the rest is history. 

In AMS Interior Design, we guarantee your AirBnb business will be extremely profitable. We fix each one of the spaces, we take care of the details, and we design every space according to your style and budget. 

Contact us! We’ll visit and quote your project, so that everyone who rents it, lives beautifully.

Projects done:


We are experts in redesigning spaces. Initial visit at no cost (within the GAM).